Jaheen's Launches "Click Media", A Pioneer Digital Platform in the Challenge of COVID-19.

Sep 21, 2020

Dubai, Sep 22, 2020 (Issuewire.com) - In March 2020, Jaheen's launched "Click Media" as the first media e-commerce digital platform in UAE and the region.

Click Media, one of the pioneer innovative projects powered by Jaheen's London, came out in serious challenges of the COVID-19 as the Youngest Courage Platform that provides a new market shift from its web app www.click-ae.com.

Click Media has noticed the economic crises of 2020 which has led many companies, including the media and journalism industry, to face the choices of disappearing or adapting to new market principles, besides the worldwide increase in the unemployment rate caused by the pandemic.

"Fast and Easy in Just a Click", Click Media came out with a new concept that enhances media fields and companies to increase their revenues and sales even in the pandemic situation, as well as providing new vacancies for individuals to work online from home, from all over the world, while at the same time gaining the highest rewarding rate in the region. #stayhome #staysafe

Click Media provides printed, visual, and audible media fields with an opportunity to make more sales and generate revenues even in the pandemic economic situation. By focusing on the advertising sector, Click Media opens the door for all publishers to list their services and reach 80% of the UAE and overseas markets.

Click Media as a B2B platform connects newspapers, magazines, billboards, TVs, and radio channels as publishers with national and international companies. This encourages companies to open a new market in the UAE, as a gateway to "Brand Your Brand Bigger" while getting the best offers, prices, and cashback to make "Massive Campaign in Just a Click".

Noha Jaheen, the owner and the founder of Jaheen's and Click Media, said that " all in Jaheen's believe that great problems always hide great opportunities, and so on in COVID-19 which came out to teach us a new lifestyle and new concept to work together in order to succeed. It is the time for great things to happen, wherein real scientists, inventors, and entrepreneurs - those who are known as "Originals"- will rise up with new solutions forming a new market shift toward a better future. It is a great honor that Jaheen's inventions and innovations sector  has taken the lead in developing and launching Ecomagination strategy in a pioneering concept  such as "Click Media" that will be able to rebuild the market stability, help many companies to survive, and play a major role in accelerating the numerical transformation in the UAE and the Region."

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