Announcement From Rapid Home Liquidation: We Buy Houses In Philadelphia, PA

Dec 5, 2019

December 06, 2019 - /PressAdvantage/ -

Rapid Home Liquidation, a real estate investment firm based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, has reached out to the community to announce that they buy houses in the area, making cash offers and fulfilling them in record time. The company is known for offering one of the most convenient home sale processes in the market, handling every step of the sale in a straightforward manner that relieves the seller of most of their worries. More information on the real estate investors can be found here:

The home sale process is famous for being long, tedious, and a major inconvenience all around. Homeowners encounter multiple challenges trying to sell their homes that either discourages them from moving forward or cause them to lose a significant amount of time trying to figure out a way around these obstacles. Even with a real estate agent involved, the process can be lengthy and inconvenient, often involving long negotiations where the homeowner is the one at a disadvantage. This, in turn, means that they often end up receiving a lower amount of money for their property than initially agreed on, aside from having to pay fees for the paperwork and associated commissions.

As real estate investors in the Philadelphia market, Rapid Home Liquidation is very familiar with these challenges. This experience prompted them to become a company that makes a difference in the lives of their clients instead of following the same path that their peers tend to take. They seek to simplify the home sales process to its most natural expression, removing the need for middlemen and long waiting periods. They prefer to deal directly with the homeowner, appealing to their unique requirements.

Rapid Home Liquidation specializes in the purchase and sale of real estate, which means that they work alongside their clients in order to produce and fulfill their offers in cash—unlike other companies who rely on real estate agents to find a buyer to their clients’ homes. They evaluate, price their properties based on the value of other similar houses in the area, and make an all-cash offer for their clients’ houses, regardless of the condition these properties may be in. This frees their clients from any renovation or repair expenses that would otherwise be necessary, saving them thousands of dollars and as well as a lot of time that they can now spend looking for a new property.

The evaluation and pricing process does not take longer than a couple of days, states Rapid Home Liquidation, assuring their clients that they can produce an offer within 24 hours after their initial evaluation. This evaluation and offer stage does not obligate the homeowner to any upfront cost, nor do they have to accept the offer if they prefer to decline. However, should they decide to go through with it, the company states that they can close the sale as few as 10 days after producing the offer. As part of their services, they will endeavor to handle all of the relevant paperwork themselves without any requiring any additional charges or fees from the homeowner.

Brian Rudderow, a spokesperson for Rapid Home Liquidation, states, "We know all of the house flipping secrets and understand how to overcome the challenges usually found within any sale. This allows us to buy houses in all types of complicated real estate situations, as our team can tackle bad tenants, extensive repairs, foundation damage, water bills, tax bills, code violations, liens, and other title issues. If you are in dire straits and need to receive a prompt all-cash offer for your property in Philadelphia, reach out to us and we will figure out how to help you." Homeowners will likely be pleased to learn that clients who have few housing options may remain inside of the home after fulfilling the deal. The company is happy to give them a grace period in order to find a new home and move out without being pressured unduly.

The company's website includes more information on Rapid Home Liquidation’s activities and services. It also includes a variety of resources that homeowners in Philadelphia may find useful, such as their latest blog entry, which can be found here: How To Stay In Your Home After Foreclosure. Furthermore, the company invites interested parties to reach out to Brian Rudderow to follow up on any inquiries.


For more information about Rapid Home Liquidation, contact the company here:

Rapid Home Liquidation
Brian Rudderow
7201 Keystone St Ste 204
Philadelphia, PA 19135

ReleaseID: 60032936



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