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Media is a business which makes other businesses become bigger businesses. Media is a voice, a message, a channel to global audiences around the world reaching any market, any industry, anywhere at any time.

Public companies are benefiting from media every single day making their stock price exponentially increase as well as grow their brand awareness in the global markets. Private companies on the other hand, are experiencing a bit of a push back as private business is not as transparent nor interested for majority of the leading media publications and their authors.

Private companies mostly struggle with financial limitations in terms of capital gains, client sustention and sales. That is because private companies simply lack of global brand awareness and also the global reach. What is a global reach? Global reach is when a company based in New York is selling products or services to European, Asian and Middle Eastern clients. Global reach in 2019 is a minimal requirement for any business to grow and scale. A business depended on a local market is not a business.

Getting media coverage globally should be the main objective of a private company. Getting press from London, Paris, Madrid, Berlin, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Shanghai, Singapore, Hong Kong enables companies to be discovered in other local markets which then increases global brand awareness as well as global sales and other global business opportunities.

Stankevicius MGM Interactive Media platform enables companies to publish online material in foreign local markets increasing business results instantly. Interactive media is not a traditional media pitching, nor an advertisement. Interactive media is an online improvement within the PR industry provided by Stankevicius MGM PR firm. Interactive media gives access, saves capital and time. Stankevicius Interactive Media platform enables companies to get featured in local market leading magazines around the world regardless of industry.

Simple media is just media relations, interactive media is when company can interact directly with media and have control of their own article message. Use Stankevicius Interactive media brokers platform to reach more audience. Sign up for beta release here.


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